Focus of Philanthropy & Community (Corporate) Social Responsibility

The following are the guidelines and focus areas to be followed by the Foundation and its Trustees for disbursements of the Foundation Funds: 


1.  To support all medical patients socially, emotionally and financially

2. To provide immediate and direct physical support such as medical care, food, clothing, clean drinking water, psychosocial counselling.

3. To pay the partial bills of people who are in the hospital and are unable to pay their hospital bills

4. To assist people who are not admitted in the hospital and cannot complete their medical treatment/care due to financial constraints

5. Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) educative sessions for general mass conducted regularly every month.

6. Distribution of Health Care Educational Magazines for clinicians and public at large

7. Continual Medical Education programs for different specialties.

8. Free assessment and counseling of 10 year risk of heart attack for general population for primary prevention.

9. To establish regular camps for providing medical assistance at doorsteps in the rural areas

10. To promote the welfare of children in need, including children with physical disabilities and/or life threatening diseases

11. To collaborate with other NGOs of good reputation for combined community development.

12. To educate parents and teachers for inspiring children to reach their highest potential. Develop a Healthy Heart Program for hundreds of schools within the city of Ahmedabad and vicinity.

13. Undertaking health awareness program for prevention and control of disease in the community and also hold training workshops to enhance capacity building of paramedics and other medical staff in the rural areas.

14. Children’s Programs :

The fund has a mission to create a better world for children. Child health care requires much more than excellence in clinical care alone. For this purpose a multi –center  pediatric care facility will be dedicated to providing the best pediatric clinical care, research and education to children and families. The following programs are to be conducted for the mission of creating better world for children:

  • Children’s Congenital Heart Disease program

  • Education Grants

  • Online Learning, Educational Materials, Awareness programs

  • Injury Prevention Program

  • Comprehensive Child Health

  • Children rehabilitation services

15. To work for Prevention and Early Detection of any illness i.e.

  • To promote awareness about diseases and its curability

  • Make people aware about basic symptoms of various diseases like heart attack, stroke, hypertension, nervous breakdown, etc.

  • To advocate that early detection helps a great deal in curing of disease

  • To help people in giving up bad habits which causes many diseases such as tobacco and alcohol

  • To arrange preliminary free check-up camps in which medical experts will also explain about diseases and its prevention

  • To publish informative material for diseased patients

16. To create a pool of well trained and highly ethical assistant  doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other allied health care workers

17. Partnering with national and international patient organizations that educate, support and advocate on behalf of patients and their families to improve the lives of people in India with chronic diseases

18. To carry out research in the field of medical sciences

19. Other Supportive Care

  • Provide counselling and support on care training of all patients and family members.

  • Promoting network for social workers, doctors, experts and volunteers for the benefit of patient.

20. Grant of subscriptions and donations to deserving Private and Public Institutions for administering medical relief to the needy people, upon such terms and conditions and for such a period which the Trustees may think fit.

21. Grants of medical help to the poor and deserving people during epidemic, famine, flood, earthquake or any unforeseen calamity or war or warlike operations without prejudice in the way of pecuniary payments or the supply of provisions/food or clothing or supply/ distribution of medical relief or in any manner which the Trustees may consider desirable.