Designated Donations

CIMS Foundation offers designated donations to our supporters who wish to contribute any amount of Rs. One Lakh or above.

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Designated donation 

A designated donation is one decided by the donor at the time of the donation. Donors may have an express wish to designate their contribution to a specified purpose, specific disease, group of people (children, girls, senior citizens, cancer patients, paediatrics, etc) or even an individual— e.g. a friend, a relative or an unknown person from his community, or anyone who is a less affording patient (the patient should fulfill the criteria of underprivileged as per CIMS Foundation screening process).


CIMS Foundation also offers Designated Donation option to donors whereby:

A: The donor may contribute the sum of Rs. One lakh or above (in case of larger donation) towards the permanent corpus fund of which the annual interest earned will be used for the designated purpose. The designated patient’s name(s) and cause can be given annually. The designated patient should be eligible based upon CIMS Foundation criterion.

B: The donor may specify a part of the total contribution (Rs. One Lakh or above) towards permanent corpus (interest earned will be used for designated purpose) and the rest of the amount to be entirely used towards the designated purpose during the financial year. The designated petient’s name(s) and cause can be given annually. The designated patient should be eligible on CIMS Foundation crirerion.

How to give

Outright Gift : You can make an outright gift by transferring liquid assets directly to CIMS Foundation through cheque or bank transfers. With each gift, you will receive an acknowledgment letter detailing the amount donated and the amount of your charitable income tax deduction, which you should keep for tax purposes.

Multi-year Pledge : A multi-year pledge is recurring support which will be given by you, year after year. For example, a 10,00,000 pledge would be paid in installments of 2,00,000 a year for a period of five years. However, we can offer the flexibility of paying it off in a variety of different ways. We can work with you to create a schedule that best suits your needs.

Bequests : After you have provided for your family and loved ones, a bequest in your will would enable you to make a gift to support your favorite medical area or program at CIMS Hospital. An example of language that you can use is

“I give and bequeath to CIMS Foundation, Ahmedabad the sum of

`_____________or_____________%) to support ________________________(insert name of program or project).”

Where to give

  • CIMS Hospital (All patients)

  • CIMS KIDS (Gifts for neonates and children up to 12 years)

  • CIMS Trauma (For trauma patients in need of urgent medical attention)

  • CIMS Geriatrics (For above 60 years of age)

  • CIMS Women

  • CIMS Cancer

  • CIMS Heart

  • CIMS Renal/Kidneys

  • CIMS Neuro

  • CIMS Liver

  • Others (Donor can specify)

ways to give

All your donations will be accepted through

  • Cheque

  • Cash

  • RTGS

  • NEFT

You can send your donation by cheque/DD in favour of “CIMS Foundation” payable at Ahmedabad or transfer direct to our bank account,

  Name        : HDFC Bank
  A/C. No.    : 50100354412195
  IFS Code  : HDFC0001229
  Branch      : Vasna, Ahmedabad


Name       : IDBI Bank
A/C. No.   : 0067102000026798
IFS Code  : IBKL0000067
Branch     : Bodakdev, Ahmedabad